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Do geckos lick their eyes

Like snakes, their eyeballs are covered with spectacles—transparent scales that protect the eyes. To keep them clean, many species use their tongues like windshield wipers. You may notice that most geckos have large bulging eyes—many that are intricately patterned and flecked with metallic hues. To protect their eyes while basking in the sun, most geckos have vertical pupils that close to tiny slits and block damaging rays. Some species have pupils with overlapping edges that close completely. They see through tiny pinholes formed by the scalloped shape at the edges of the pupil.
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Herp Queries: When Geckos Lick Their Eyeballs, Are They Cleaning Them?

Do geckos lick their eyes
Do geckos lick their eyes
Do geckos lick their eyes
Do geckos lick their eyes
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Why Do Geckos Lick Their Eyeballs? | The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

This site uses cookies and by continuing to browse it you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Read our cookies policy. Geckos are unusual lizards. Instead of having eyelids like other lizards, their eyes are covered with transparent scales. While most lizards are silent, geckos make chirping or barking sounds to communicate.
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Geckos are lizards belonging to the infraorder Gekkota , found in warm climates throughout the world. They range from 1. Most geckos cannot blink, but they often lick their eyes to keep them clean and moist.
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By chance, did you happen to see a gecko inside that reptile house that was licking its eyeballs? This blog article is dedicated to answering the question of why geckos lick their eyeballs. First of all, we should tell you that there are two types of geckos — those with eyelids and those without eyelids. Gecko species with eyelids are all grouped taxonomically into a family called Eublepharidae. This family includes leopard geckos Eublepharis macularius , fat-tailed geckos Hemitheconyx caudicinctus , and banded geckos Coleonyx sp.
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